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Medha-D Capsule + Relaxo Calm Tablet

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• Fights Stress & Depression naturally.
• Removes fear, Phobia & Manage mood swings.
• Enhances sound sleep.
• Reduces anxiety & hyperactivity.
• Improves Mental illness.
• Strengthen mind power.
• Restore relax, recharge & regulate.
• Improves drive, play & pleasures.

Medha –D Capsules is a blend of powerful rejuvenating herbs for the brain and nervous system that promote memory, comprehension, concentration, and intelligence.

Joy Tab is blend of high potential extract derived from farm-fresh herbs Bramhi, Ashwagandha, and Valerian (tagar) , helps to strengthen nerve of body and mind, enhances feel of relax, recharge and rejuvenation .Its phytonutrients are beneficials for Men’s for perfect joy ,pleasure and happiness. Its use with Hammer of Joy capsule& granules fortified the feel of best energy, removes fatigue and strengthen fitness


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