Bhargav Ayurveda

Neo-Liv Syrup



Main ingredients :- Kutki, Kalmegh, Chirayta, Sharpunkha,revandchini, Daruhaldi, Nisoth,Makoy,Kasni etc


  • Neo-Liv Syrup useful in Sluggishness of Liver and its functional disorders.
  • Neo-Liv Syrup Adjuvant treatment for cancer patients to improve their quality of life and run down of body conditions.
  • Neo-Liv Syrup Useful in fatty liver
  • Neo-Liv Syrup improves hemocrite counts i.e Hemoglobin and platelets
  • Neo-Liv Syrup Improve appetite
  • Neo-Liv Syrup enhance liver detoxification and helps to rejuvenate liver cells (hepatocytes)

Dosage :-10 -15 ml? (2-3 tablespoonful) twice a day with half cup of luke warm water.

Pack of

500 ml

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