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Allergy Problem : Skin and Sinus

Healthy glowing skin is indicator of Shape & beauty. It is an image building and conscious representation of your health. When skin health is poor & compromised due to infections, rashes, external & internal allergies, impacting poor confidence and bad feel.


  • External infection like fungus moulds bacteria virus and lichens.
  • Auto immune reaction gives various allergy like psoriasis, vitiligo, gluten allergy and reactive to few food ingredients.
  • Excessive intake of salt sour fatty fried, prickles food preparations
  • Pitta kapha body nature and functional constitution.
  • Intolerance to heat, spice and sunlight.
  • Poor digestion and assimilation.
  • Accumulation of toxins due to compromised bowel bladder and sweating excretion.
  • Poor breakdown of toxic substances or segregated molecule and medicine by Liver whether it is consumed intentionally and non-intensely.
  • Wound cuts and discoloration of skin due to stagnation inflammation and irritation. Its seen chronic varicose and venous engagement problem.
  • Impurities in blood and muscles.
  • Lack of herbal antioxidant and natural sun light/ photon energy.
  • Allergic reactions with environmental pollutants like dust, fumes, spray, smokes and smog’s causes sinus allergy and skin allergy as well.
  • Hormonal imbalance and uterine Problem’s lead to eye orbit blackness, blemishes, depigmentation of facial skin
  • Skin tags, moles, corns are very common, ignored treatment disease, it is not harming your health but little bit beauty. We have effective, fast acting treatment for topical application
  • Infectious cause: Dropdown of eye lashes due to pediculosis, skin rashes due to scabies, serobic dermatitis due to lichen and bacterial infection, itching and burning on nerves base due to viral infection herpes zoster. Ring worm and eczema due to fungus and mixed infection of fungus and bacteria.

Characters ( Sign & Symptom )

Itching ,burning, pain inflammation ,warm sensation, rashes, moles, abscess, unheal ulcer, wound, cuts, scaly skins, blackish and brittle nail,  hair scalp irritation and baldness,  alopecia, severe itching with or without secretion ,red marks over and after itching.


  • Care and cure of skin problem is connected with your food diet and detoxification. If you are following detoxication measures you will win and push away naturally and effectively.
  • Correct your diet, fight oxidative stress, detoxify impurities of blood, counter manage the cause of infections, eliminate cause of pathology under the guidance of expert.
  • In pursuance and compliance under expert supervision and suggestion you will defeat skin disorders which is paining and embarrassing you.
  • Bhargav Ayurveda have its own guided and experienced formulation to heal and cure your skin ailments.

Home Remedies

  • Drink a plenty of water regularly.
  • Avoid prickles, curd, citrus fruit, salty and spicy food preparations.
  • Keep clean colon regularly with change of food habit yogic pranayama asana or constipation remedies.
  • Avoid toxic food ingredients and combinations.


Bhargav Ayurveda have very effective Ayurvedic treatment solution for nasal allergy sinusitis, skin allergy, dermatitis, acne and rashes ,auto immune skin problem, rashes, itching irritation, warm sensation, moles, tag and chronic complicated skin problems.

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