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Healthy and happy life brings socio- family harmony and responsibilities. To produce progeny and maintain continuity in generation is desired justified need of a married couple. IN order to meet it both husband wife reproductive health should be performing and regulating very well. Weakness and pathological abnormalities in reproductive system hindering you to produce progeny. This physical and mental state brings dissatisfaction, disappointment, depression among the couples. Such kind of apathy and weakness if it is not resolved, leads to blame imposition vice versa without base. This situation further harming your mental health and physical health very badly and the achievement of goal become tough. To meet the goal of happy healthy and progeny herbal and natural remedies serve you better to strengthen your reproductive system performance satisfaction and result.

Male Infertility

it is due to low sperms counts, with low motility, high counts of sluggishness, dead cells with pus cells in semen. The formation of sperm is a biological process spermatogenesis, it brings only upon your healthy reproductive system. Ayurveda have numerous herbal ingredients and formulation which boost your sperm counts make your sperm count normal and progressive. Bhargav Ayurveda have its own research experienced Nin hormonal 100% Ayurvedic safe effective formulation which helps to maintain your semen sperms counts normal healthier.

Female Infertility

Healthy and normal reproductive system is always compatible in fertile age to reproduce progeny. Ayurveda and Vedic wisdom tell Astana and Artav is upadhatu of ras and rakta. It would be nourished well to maintain the stability and functionality. Abnormalities in nutrition and nourishment of tissues brings the pathological and hormonal changes leads to reproductive problems like periods problem, uterine inflammation, massive and scanty bleeding , abnormal flows and days, abnormal ovulation ,immature follicle formation, small ovary, fallopian tube blockage ,spillages, congestion, abnormal hormone essay about luteinizing hormone(LH), follicular stimulating hormone (FSH), progesterone, oestrogens, thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH)and making uterus incompatible to retain  fertilized eggs in uterine cavity. This is the reason good attempted IVF often rejected normally and naturally in spite of proper medical care compliance.

To treat the basic cause,  nourishment of tissues and sub tissues, helps to revive strengthen regulate and remove the physo- pathophysiological conditions of reproductive system and make them compatible for conceiving .


  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Periods  problems and uterine swelling
  • Fallopian tube blockage
  • Immature follicle and small ovary
  • Polycystic ovarian disease
  • Imbalance Lifestyle and diet
  • Defective Mind Wellness
  • Low sperm counts and poor semen quality.
  • Physical and mental weakness.
  • Uterine fibroid and cyst

Characters ( Sign & Symptom )

  • Delayed and irregular menstruation
  • scanty menstruation
  • Massive mensuration
  • pain in lower abdomen
  • bilateral flanks pain
  • disinterest in sex
  • constipation and gas


Care and cure of reproductive system is connected to nourishment of tissue and sub tissues and nutritious healthy awaking diet

Bhargav Ayurveda has its own proven formulated experienced herbal remedies for male and female infertility, treating it successfully through natural nonhormonal medicine along with diet.

Home Remedies

Intake of healthy and nutritious diet.

Ashvgandha shilajit it is good for male health.

Shatavari and salam mishri is good for female health.


Bhargav Ayurveda have very good result oriented Ayurvedic treatment for azoospermia, oligospermia and healthy sperm counts. We also treat female infertility with their respective cause finding and pathophysiological conditions by the herbal natural treatment method and procedure. We have more than 50 successful cases of infertility, God bless us make them happy with child.

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