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Sanskrit Name :- Ankola, Ankolah, Ankolla, Ankollakah, Ankota, Ankotah, Dheergha, Dirghakila, Dirghakilakah, Gudhamallika,Guptasneha, Pitasarah,Rechi, Talokota, Tamraphala, Tamraphalah, Ankodah, Dirghakilaka

Hindi Name :- Angol, Dhela, Dhera, Akola, Ankera, Ghaul, Aankol

English Name :- Sage leaved Alangium

Tamil Name :- Alangi, Alincil, Alincil vitai, Alincilver, Alincilver-p-pattai, Alinci vittu, Ainkolam, Azhingil, Azhinjil, Alingi, Nettilangi, Azhinjal, Alanji,Acchan-chedi, Azihcil, Accan, Ainkolavirutcam, Al 1, Alancai, Alanci, Alinci

Telgu Name :- Udaga, Uduga, Ooduga, Ankolamu, Urgu, Nalludugu, Nalla

ankolamu chettu, Nallankolamu, Nallauduga, Nallaukolamu, Udugachettu,Uru?

Malyalam Name :- Alinnil, Angolam, Ankolam, Kara-angolam, Velittondi

Bengali Name :- Dela, Ankar kanta, Ankar, Anisa

Kannada Name :- Ankole, Ankota, Guddada doani, Kallu maavina mara, Ankola, Asroli, Kallu-maavu, Ankole mara, Ankotha, Anroli, Ansroli, Guddaga goni, Kallu maavu, Kare ankole gida, Lucki

Malyalam Name :- Akel, Akola, Ankol, Ankoli, Ankool


PLANT DESCRIPTION (Botanical Identification) :- A deciduous spinescent shrub or small tree upto 10 m high, root yellowish, strong, root-bark dark brown; stem bark pale brown, roug with shallow cracks.

Leaf : Leaves 8 to 13 cm in length and 3 to 5 cm in width, simple, petiolate, petiole 6 to 13 mm long,lanceolate, narrowly oblong or ovate, bas erounded or acute, glabrous above, pubescent on the nerves,venation reticulate.

Petiole : Epidermis single layered covered by cuticle; non glandular, mostly unicelular, rarely bicellular,uniseriate trichomes, measuring upto 2800 microns in length and upto 16 microns in width; 7 to10 layered collenchyma present just beneath the epidermis, followed by parenchymatous tissue

Midrib : Transverse section shows biconvex outline; epidermis on both surfaces covered by cuticle;abundant nonglandular, unicellular trichomes measuring upto 385 microns in length and upto 16 micronsin width present on epidermis; 4 or 5 layered collenchyma situated just beneath the epidermis.

Lamina : Transverse section shows dorsiventral structure; epidermis on both the sides covered by cuticle; in surface view the lower epidermis shows straight walled, polygonal cells with prominentcuticular striations and anomocytic type of stomata; upper epidermis either devoid of stomata or with rare ones

PART? USED?????????? :- ROOT, TVAK

DOSAGE?????? ??????????? 😕 Churna 1 – 2 gm

Foreign matter 2 %, Total ash 10 %, Acid insoluble ash 1 %, Alcohol soluble extractive 5 %, Water soluble extractive 15 %


Antispasmodic? |?? Hypotensive? |?? Anti-inflammatory? |? Hypoglycemic? |? Antiprotozoal? |? Anthelmintic? |?? Analgesic? |? Antimicrobial? |?? Mild adrenolytic? |? Ant tubercular? |?? Cytotoxic? |?? Antitumor


  • Alangium Salvifolium (Ankol) is an ayurvedic medicinal plant used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, rheumatic arthritis, loose stools, herpes, blood disorders etc. …
  • Ankol oil is beneficial in itching, eczema, herpes and other skin & Hair diseases due to its antipruritic characteristic


GUNA (Quality)??????

Laghu, Snigdh, Tikshan, Sar

RASA (Taste)?????????

Tikt, Katu, Kashay

VIPAK (Metabolism)?????????


VIRYA (Potency)????


PRABHAV (Impact)??????????







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