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Sanskrit Name :- Amrita, Aindavi, Asitatvacha, Avalguja, Bakuchi, Bakuci, Candralekha, Candrasakala, Chvakuchi, Chandralekha, Chandraprabha, Chandri,Indralekha, Induraji, Indurajika, Kalameshi, Kalameshika, Kamboji, Kandughni, Kantaka, Kantida, Krimighna, Krishna, Krishnaphala, Krsnaphala, Kushtaghni, Kushthahantri, Kushthanashini, Kustaghni, Putigandha, Putiphala, Putiphali,Sasankhalekha, Shashilekha,Shulotkha, Sita, Sitavari, Soma, Somaraja, Somaraji, Somavalli, Somavallika, Sugandhakantak,Suparnika, Suprabha, Suvalli,Suvallika, Tvagadoshapaha, Vakoochie, Vakuci, Valguja, Vanguji, Vejani, Andraraji

Hindi Name :- Babachi, Babchi, Babci, Bachi, Bakuci, Bavanchi, Bavanchiyan, Bavchiyan, Bhavaj, Bhavanj, Bukchi, Bavchi, Bakhni

English Name :- Psoralea seed, Bawchan seed

Urdu Name :- Babchi, Bavachi, Bakuchi, Babechi

Tamil Name :- Ativadayam, Atividyam, Ati-vadayam, Athividyam, Ativitayam, Adhividayam, Athividayam, Ati-vidayam, Ati vitayam, Adivitaiyam

Punjabi Name :- Bavchi

Kannada Name :- Bavanchi, Somaraji, Baavanchi gida, Baahujige, Baavanchi, Baavanjee gida, Baavuje, Karbeck beeja

Marathi Name :- Bavanchi, Babachi, Babchi, Bavachi, Bavachya, Baavanchi, Bavchi

TELUGU Name :- Bavancalu, Bavanchalu, Bhavanchi-vittu-lu, Bhavanchi-vittulu



PLANT DESCRIPTION (Botanical Identification) :- An erect herbaceous annual, 60 – 120 cm high with grooved and gland-dotted stems and branches.

Leaves simple, broadly elliptic, rounded and mucronate at apex, clothed with white hairs on both surfaces, covered with numerous black dots, main nerves 5, originating fromm base.

Seeds are dark chocolate to almost black, 3-4.5 mm long,2 to 3 mm broad, ovoid-oblong or bean shaped, somewhat compressed, glabrous, rouned or mucronate,closely pitted, campylotropous, non-endospermous, oily and free from starch, odourless, but when chewed, smell of a pungent essential oil felt. Taste is bitter, unpleasant and acrid.

PART? USED :- Seeds, Fruits,? Leaves,? Roots,? Flowers

DOSAGE :- 1 – 3 gms.

Foreign matter 2 %, Total ash 8 %, Acid insoluble ash 2 %, Alcohol? soluble extractive 13 %,Water soluble extractive 11 %


Spasmogenic |? Hyprtensive |? Hypoptensive |? Antifertility |? Antidepressant? |? Antidiarrhoeal? |? Antidiabetic? |? Antipyretic? |? Antibnacetrial? |? Analgesic


Brhanmanjisthadi kvath churna | Chandraprabha vati?? |???? Khadirarista | Mahamanjisthadyarishta


  • Babchi herb has anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and anti-hyperglycemic properties.
  • Seeds of this plant are diuretic, laxative and also used to cure poisoning by scorpion and snake bites.
  • One of the amazing facts about this herb is that whole plant is used in medicine system for its medicinal properties. Common name of this herb is kusthghan, it is best ancient remedy used for kusthroga and leucoderma.
  • This plant is natural blood purifier. It is used to boost immune system and process of detoxification of blood.
  • Babchi herb is good to cure dyspnoea, asthma, bronchitis and various disorders associated with respiratory tract.
  • Babchi herb is used to relieve indigestion and also used to cure worm infestation.
  • Seeds of this plant are used to cure various skin disorders.
  • Fruits of this herb are bitter in taste and used to stop vomiting.
  • Seeds of this herb are also used in tooth and bone decalcification.
  • Fruits are used to cure anemia, piles and various bleeding disorders.
  • Babchi herb improves hair growth and useful in wound and ulcer healing.
  • It improves taste and used to cure anorexia.
  • It pacifies vata and kapha dosha.


  • GUNA (Quality)

Laghu, Ruksha

  • RASA (Taste)

Katu, Tikt

  • VIPAK (Metabolism)


  • VIRYA (Potency)


  • PRABHAV (Impact)



  • Dr.KM Nadkarni, The Indian Materia Medica, Vol.I, pg 1019
  • Prof P.V Sharma, Dravya Guna Vigyana, Vol II, pg 175-17
  • The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia Of India, Part I, Vol.I, pg 25



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