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Dev Tulsi Drops



Dev Tulsi Drops is? a pure herbals extract of natural Tulsi sourced from best parts of Himalayas, those cultivated by Ganga Water,

Dev Tulsi Drops is a natural immunity booster, Prevent Cancer /Anti Cancer it Helps in Cold, Cough, Fever, Hair Loss, Skin problems, Helps in Glowing Skins, Anti Wrinkles, stomach problems, diabetes, helps in weight loss, sugar, insomnia, heart problems, cholesterol, helps in to improve digestive systems. dissolve kidney stones, helps in urine problems, helps to prevent cancers, helps in blood pressure, natural blood purifier, Anti Stress, Allergy, Asthma, Eye Care, Headache, Acne/Pimples , Oral Care, Sore Throat, Acidity Remover, Anti-Aging, Obesity Remover, Anti-Viral, Anti-Oxidant, Joint Pain, Helps in Healthy Lifestyle, Anti Bacterial, Dev Tulsi Drops naturally increase your body’s fighting spirit with diseases, and also helps to live disease free life and fully better than any Tulsi Drops, because it contains 7 Types of Pure Tulsi Oil Extracts. Being rich in antioxidants & renowned for its healing powers.


  • Dev Tulsi Drops has super natural health curing qualities and helpful in all types of Allergies.
  • Dev Tulsi Drops has beneficial and good effect on mind and body
  • Dev Tulsi Drops gives relaxation to mind and body.
  • Scientists have also acknowledged the medicinal properties of tulsi. It keeps away the deadly fevers like Dengue, Malaria, Swine Flu etc .
  • Dev Tulsi Drops is very effective in any kind of gynecological problem.
  • Dev Tulsi Drops is very effective in cough, cold, acidity, constipation, stomach pain, abdominal pain, and Viral or Seasonal fever, swelling in Lungs, hypertension, chest congestion, fatigue, vomiting, obesity, arthritis, asthma, anemia and ulcers. It removes the impurities of blood and increases the immunity of human body.
  • Dev Tulsi Drops is very helpful in controlling diabetes. It has Anti- Bacterial and Anti- Viral Action.

Dosage : 1 to 2 drop in a Glass of Water or 1 to 2 drop in a Cup of Coffee or 1 to 2 drop in a Cup of General Tea * 1 to 2 drop in a Cup of Herbal Tea An adult can take 8-10 drops per day in Tea, coffee, water, Salad etc.

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