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Sanskrit Name :- Gambhari, Shriparni, Madhuparnika, Ashveta, Bhadra, Bhadraparni, Gambhari, Gandhari, Gandharya, Gopabhadrika,Grishti, Gumbhari,Hira, K sripnari, Kakodumbari, Kashmari, Kashmaryya, Kasmari, Kasmarya, Kasmaryah, Kasmaryaphala, Kasmiri, Kataphala,Katphalah, Katphalam, Krishna, Krishnaphala, Krishnavrinlaka, Krishnavrintika,Krsnavrntah, Kshirini, Kumuda, Madhubhadra,Madhumati, Madhuparnika, Madhurasa, Mahabhadra, Mahakumuda, Modini,Nandi vrksa, Pitakarohini, Pitaphala, Pitarohini, Rohini,Sadabhadra, Sarvatobhadra, Sarvatobhadrika, Shriparni,Snigdhaparni, Sriparni, Sthulatvacha, Subhadra, Sudridhatvacha, Suphala,Svarubhadra, Vataha, Vidari, Vidarini, Ambharika

Hindi Name :- Gambhar, Kashmari, Nandivriksha, Gamari, Gambari, Gambhar, Gambhara, Gambhari, Gamhar, Gumbhar,Kambar, Kambari,Kambhar, Khammara, Khmbhari, Kumar, Kumbhar, Sewan, Jugani-chukur, Khambhar, Gumbar,Gambar, Shewan, Gumar-tek,Shivparni, Ban, Khamhar kumhar, Kunubar, Siwan, Havan, Baro-pipal

English Name :- Yemtani, Gamar

Tamil Name :- Arisa, Kalarbadi, Kattanam, Kumadi, Kumbal, Kumil, Perumkumbil

Telgu Name :- Adavigummudu, Challagummudu, Gumar-tek, Gummadi, Gummudu

Kannada Name :- Bachanige, Gupsi, Kashmiri, Kashniri-mara, Kule, Kumbalamara

Malyalam Name :- Cumbulu, Kumbil, Kumbili, Kumbula, Kumil, Kumilu, Kumpil, Kumizhu

Oriya Name :- Thlanvawng, Butalo

Kannada Name :- Bachanige, Gupsi, Kashmiri, Kashniri-mara, Kule, Kumbalamara

Malyalam Name :- Cumbulu, Kumbil, Kumbili, Kumbula, Kumil, Kumilu, Kumpil, Kumizhu

Oriya Name :- Thlanvawng, Butalo


PLANT DESCRIPTION (Botanical Identification)? :- A tall tree with young parts densely velvety tomentose. Leaves opposite, broadly ovate or elliptic-rhomboid, cordate or subtruncate, fulvous tomentose beneath. Flowers orange yellow or brownish yellow, in dichotomously branched, velvety tomentose panicles of 3 – flowered cymes

Root : Root pieces are nearly cylindrical with uneven surface, greyish brown; fracture somewhat tough in bark, brittle and predominant in woody portion. Transverse section of root shows 6-8 layers of cork cells arranged in tangential direction and broken at places towards upper layers. Cortex is present in abundance throughout cortex; scattered stone cells and fibres present, occuring mostly in singles; some cortical cells contain rosette crystals of calcium oxalate an doil globules.

Root Bark : Mature root bark when fresh, is yellowish in colour; dry pieces curved and chanelled, thinner ones forming single quills, external surface rugged due to presence of vertical cracks, ridges, fissures and numerous lenticels; fracture short and granular; paste mucilaginous.

Fruit : A drupe, ovoid, crinkled, black, 1.5-2.0 cm long, sometimes with portion of attached pedicel, 2-seeded, sometimes 1-seeded; taste sweetish, sour. Seed is ovate, 0.5-1 cm long, 0.4-0.6 cm wide, light yellow, surface smooth, seed coat thin, papery; taste oily.


DOSAGE? :- Root kwath 50 – 100 ml

Root? (Foreign matter 2 %, Total ash 5 %, Acid insoluble ash 0.3 %, Alcohol soluble extractive 7 %, Water soluble extractive 20 %)

Fruit? (Foreign matter 1 %, Total ash 6 %, Acid insoluble ash 0.4 %, Alcohol soluble extractive 8 %, Water soluble extractive 25 %)


Hypoglycaemic |?? Antiviral


Agastya haritki rasayana? |? Amritarishta? |? Brahma rasayan |? Brihatmasa taila?? |? Chandanasava? |? Dadhika ghrita?? |?? Dantyadyarishta? |? Darunagaradi kvath churna? |? Dashmularishta? |? Dhanvantara ghrita?? |? Dhanvantara taila? |?? Indukanta ghrita? |? Lasunadi ghrita?? |?? Maha panchgavya ghrita


  • Gambhari herb is capable to suppress pain and inflammation.
  • Helpful herb to improve digestion and absorption in the body.
  • Good supporter for normal functioning of heart.
  • Useful in maintaining the normal blood pressure level.
  • It is used in improving brain functioning and it has feature to improve intelligence.
  • Natural anti-aging agent.
  • Gambhari Herb is a natural herb to prevent hemorrhages;
  • A natural strength enhancer of the body.
  • It has properties of a good aphrodisiac agent.
  • It is diuretic in nature.
  • One of the useful herb which has features to increase milk secretion in the lactating mothers.
  • Fruits of Gambhari herb are having uses in hemorrhoids.
  • Its properties improve the quantity and quality of semen.
  • Fruit of Gambhari herb is also efficient in nourishing hair and promotes the growth of hair.
  • It can provide relief from burning sensation.
  • Gambhari fruit of this herbaceous plant is found to be useful natural agent in bleeding disorders like nasal bleeding, heavy periods, etc.
  • It treats thirst, vata disorders wounds and emaciation.
  • Gambhari roots are also suitable remedy in ascites due to Vata
  • It helps in normalizing the abnormally raised temperature.
  • The fruits have advantageous anabolic effects in tuberculosis to accelerate the healing of cavitation in the lungs.
  • The decoction of its root can be used for abdominal tumors.


GUNA (Quality)


RASA (Taste)?????????

Tikt, Kashay, Madhur

VIPAK (Metabolism)


VIRYA (Potency)


PRABHAV (Impact)







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