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Sanskrit Name :- Kusumbha, Vahnishikha, Vastraranjaka, Vyaghridala, Kantaphala

Hindi Name :- Kusumba, Kusum, Barre, KarrahEnglish Name :- Safflower, African saffron, American saffron, Bastard saffron, Dyer’s saffron. false saffron, Wild saffron

Gujrati Name :- Kasumbo, Karada

Kannada Name :- Kusumbe, Kusubbi

Malyalam Name :- Kuyimpu, Centurakam, Chendurakam

Marathi Name :- Kardai, Kardi, Kurdi

Punjabi Name :- Kar, Karar, Kurtam

Tamil Name :– Chendurukam. kusumba, Sendurgam, Senturakam

Urdu Name :- Karha, Kusum

bengali Name :- Kajirah, Kesum phul



PLANT DESCRIPTION (Botanical Identification) :- An erect annual spiny herb 30-120 cm tall. Leaves alternate, simple, simple, rigid. Spinosely serrate,sessile or shortly petiolate, 3-15 * 1-5 cm, oblong-lanceolate or oblanceolate, entire or dentate-lobed

Flower consists of involucral bracts and florets. Involucral bracts are in whorls, green, outer bracts ovate, oblong, leafy and inner bracts hard, spiny and conical. Florets bisexual, stalked, yellowish to orange-red, delicate, small, consisting of long stalk, corolla, androecium and gynoecium. Petals 5, linear, very thin, yellow to orange-red, united at base and free throughout the length and with acute apex.Stamens 5, united throughout the length and free at tip forming a staminal tube, each stamen consisting of a short, slender filament and 2 another lobes with sagittate base and acute apex.

PART? USED?????????? :-?????? LEAF, FLOWER, SEED, SEED OIL

DOSAGE????????????????? :-????? Seed powder 1-3 gm, Dried flower powder 3-6 gm, Oil 2.5-5 ml

Total ash 12.956 %, Acid insoluble ash 1.024 %, Water soluble extractive 29.425 %, Ethanol soluble extractive 31.407 %,? Pet. Ehter soluble extractive 8.051 %, Acetone soluble extractive 7.345 %, Chloroform soluble extractive 7.345 %, Chloroform soluble extractive 4.597 %


Antiviral |? Antitumour? | Spasmolytic |? Anticholesteremic? |? Antibacterial? | Nematicidal |? Diuretic | Diaphoretic |? Carthartic? | Antioxidant? |? ? ? ? ? Antiinflmmatory |? Analgesic |? Anticonvulsant? | Antithrombosis? |? ? ? ? Antimycotic | Hypotensive


GUNA (Quality)??????

Guru, Snigdh

RASA (Taste)?????????

Kashay, Madhur

VIPAK (Metabolism)?????????


VIRYA (Potency)???



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