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  • Cure Bronchitis & Cough Naturally
  • Heals gastric ulcer
  • Relives acidity
  • Relives pain & Fatigue

Licorice Capsule, which is known as Mulethi in hindi, is a powerful medicinal root. It is pure & organic Capsule.

It is used in Indian medicines, home remedies, folk medicines and ayurveda since vedic times. The use of mulethi or yashtimadhu Capsule extends to bronchitis, cough, hyperacidity, heals ulcer, relives pains and sexual weakness

it contains anti-oxidants such as flavonoids , amino acids , flavnoids ?carbensolane

Ingredients :- Mulethi Powder? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?900 Mg.

Suggested use: – 1-2 Capsule with water twice a day for at least 3 or as directed by the physician. Safe for long Use .

Pack of

60 Capsules

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