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Alpinia galanga




Sanskrit Name :- Elaparni, Mukta, Rasna, Rasya, Sreyasi, Sugandha, Surabhi, Surasa, Suvaha, Yukta

Hindi Name :- Raisan, Vaisurai, Phaar

English Name :- Thai ginger, Siamese ginger, Greater galangal

Punjabi Name :- Sarmai

Marathi Name :- Rasna, Rashna

Kannada Name :- Chithramoolaka

Tibetan Name :- Ra-sna, Rasna


PLANT DESCRIPTION (Botanical Identification) :- An erect, stiff herb or undershrub upto 1.2 m high: branches terete, softly ashy-pubescent. Leaves simple, alternate, 2- * 0.4-1.0 cm, oblong or oblanceolate, sessile, coricaceous, obtuse, apiculate, finely silky.

Leaf : Leaves are simple, 3-5 cm long, 0.6-2 cm broad; sessile, obtuse, lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate; margin entire or toothed around the apex,unequal at base; both surfaces pubescent, distinct small hairs more prominent near veins; texture brittle, papery; odour characteristic; taste astringent and slightly bitter. Transverse section of midrib shows single layered epidermis covered by thick, striated cuticle; collenchyma 2-5 layered towards xylem, 1-3 layered towards phloem; beneath collenchyma 2-5 layers of parenchyma present on both sides. Central portion is occupied by a large vascular bundle, xylem facing towards upper and phloem towards lower epidermis.

Root : Root 1 to 5 mm in diameter somewhat twisted and gradually tapering. The external surface is white when young while it is light to dark brown in mature one and the wood is brownish. Odour indistinct and fracture is short. Transverse section of mature root shows cortex which is composed of 3-5 layers of tangentially elongated, radially arranged cells. Medullary rays are broad and funnel shaped, multiseriate, 4-9 cells wide in phloem and 3-6 cells wide in xylem region. Sub-spherical or elliptical cavities like resin canals are present in phelloderm, medullary rays, wood region and are surrounded by a layer of epithelial cells.


DOSAGE?????? :- Kwath 50 – 100 ml , Powder 5 ? 6 gms

Foreign matter 2 %, Total ash 22 %, Acid insoluble ash 7 %, Alcohol soluble extractive 8 %, Water soluble extractive 23 %


Anti-inflammatory |?? Ntioedema? |? Spasmolytic? |? Ant implantation? |? Analgesic


Ashvagandhadi churna? | Ashvagandharishta? |? Bala taila? |? Balaguduchyadi taila? |? Balarishta? |? Brhacchagaladya ghrita? |?? Brihat phal ghrita? |?? Rasnadi kvath churna? Rasnadi kvath churna (maha)?? |? Rasnairandadi kvath churna? |? Rasnasaptak kvath?? |? Trayodasanga guggulu? |? Vasachandanadi taila? |? Vishagarbh taila? |? Vyaghri taila? |? Yogaraj guggulu


  • Rasna Herb is used to eliminate impurities and blood from uterus after delivery.
  • The paste of 10cm long rhizome is used to induce vomiting in cases of indigestion. 1-2gm of leaf powder is also used to induce vomiting to excrete out Kapha dosha in the body.
  • Rasna Herb is used as rasayana and blood purifier to remove impurities from the blood.
  • Rasna is also used to cure gout, joint pain, body aches and used as an antidote for snake poisoning.
  • Rasna Rhizome paste is applied externally to reduce stiffness and pain in cases – of gout.


GUNA (Quality)???????


RASA (Taste)??????????


VIPAK (Metabolism)??????????


VIRYA (Potency)????


PRABHAV (Impact)???????????



  • The Bhavprakash Nighantu with elaborated Hindi commentary of Padamshri Prof Krishna Chander Chunnekar and edited by Dr. Gangasahay Pandey: edition 2010; page number – 76 and verse number – 162, 163 and 164.


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