Bhargav Ayurveda



  • Premium Quality
  • Perfect Dietary Supplement
  • Support Digestion & Absorption
  • Detoxify Body
  • Blended with Nano Triphala

Triphla Powder is formulated in unequal ratio of ingredients in 03:02:01 to restore natural health condition.(as per Ayurvedic Text Sharangdhar) .Triphala is beneficial for constipation, flatulence, improves digestion, cleanses colon. It has six taste added naturally .It is a complete dietary supplement, long term uses replenishes & nourishes every tissue/cells /conscious intelligence of body.? ?Moreover, it works on promoting bowel movements and helps for healthy eyes and hairs.

Ingredients :- Triphala Powder

Dosage: -? Take 2-3 Grams twice a day after meal or as directed by the physician.


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