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Sanskrit Name :- Babhru, Chachu, Grahaka, Kamavrddhi, Kukkuta, Kuranta, Kurkuta, Medhakrita, Parnaka, Sachidala, Shikhi, Shitichara, Shitivara,Shrivaraka, Shvetavara, Sitivara, Suchipatra, Suchyavha, Suchyavhaya, Sunishanna, Sunishannaka, Sutapatra, Svastika,Uchchata,Ustrakandi, Utangana, Utingana, Vitunna

Hindi Name :- Chaupatia, Guthava, Shiriari, Utanjan, Uttanjan

Marathi Name :- Karadu, Utangan

Urdu Name :- Utangan, Tukhm anjrah, Tukhm anjir, Tukhm balanga, Tukhm utangan, Tukhm-i-otangan


PLANT DESCRIPTION (Botanical Identification) 😕 Blepharis edulis is an erect to prostrate, annual to perennial plant growing up to 50cm tall. This is an exceedingly variable species and plants in dry places or from the beginning of the rainy season may be very small with often a single spike only, whereas under more favourable conditions large, procumbent, branching plants may develop[500].It is sometimes gathered from the wild for its edible seed.

PART? USED?????????? :-???? SEED

DOSAGE?????? ?????????? 😕 3 to 6 gm.


Gastrointestinal??????? |???????????????? Respiratory???????????????? |????????? Inflammatory disorders


  • Utadgan herb is used wound healer and internally taken to soothe the mucous membranes in the digestive and urinary tracts. The crushed leaves have been used in poultices and placed on burns or scalds to relieve the pain. It is a first- rate remedy for burns, drawing out the fire, and heals it without a scar.
  • Acanthus Mollis has astringent qualities and has been used to treat diarrhea and to heal wounds, as well as being used to clean wounds. It has been taken internally to purify the blood and to calm the stomach.
  • Acanthus Mollis is also a valuable remedy in hectic fevers, as it restores radical moisture to the consumptive. It has been much used as a diuretic.
  • Utadgan herb leaves are used for treating tri dosha fevers, urinary discharges, leucoderma, nasal hemorrhage, asthma, cough and inflammation of throat, and mental derangements. They can also be used for treating ascites, liver, and spleen disorders. The leaves usually have beneficial effects on wounds and ulcers.


GUNA (Quality)??????

Guru, Snigdh, Pichil

RASA (Taste)?????????

Madhur, Tikt

VIPAK (Metabolism)??????????


VIRYA (Potency)???


PRABHAV (Impact)??????????



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