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  • Reduces Pain and inflammation.
  • Best ayurvedic remedies for pain, stiffness, and swelling.
  • Relieves muscular, nerve Pain & swelling both type edematous and non-edematous.
  • Highly Beneficial to Vata Kapha dosh pain and stiffness symptoms.
  • Regulate digestive fires and digest amatoxins.
  • Best Ayurvedic Medicine for the unknown cause of pain, swelling, inflammation.
  • Best ayurvedic medicine for auto immune disorders.

Description: –

Dr.Bhargav’sR D Kashay syrup is a natural ingredient blend formulation for Pain Stiffness and Auto immune disorders. In our clinical observation this product works wonderful in managing pain, stiffness, swelling disorder normally and naturally. It is safe and effective ayurvedic remedies for pain and Stiffness sufferers. The regular use for few months (3-6 month) of R.D.Kashaysyrup formulation in conjunction with Dr.Bhargav ‘s Livo Detox Capsule andDr.Bhargav’sKayasodhan tablet gives satisfactory results in the management of  Pain stiffness and obesity along with to cure associated sign and symptoms of body like weakness fatigue , numbness and swelling.


Dosage: –Take 20-30 ml twice a day before half an hrs of meal with water


Main Ingredients: –Rasna , Amrita  , Sunthi,Gokshru , shyonak ,Bilva , Kanthkari, Tirikutu, Guggle etc


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